Jess Ranch propertyJust because Jess Ranch homes and properties are a bit smaller than the average high desert property, doesn’t mean that they are any easier to landscape and maintain. Scale is most important in any landscape but essential in a small garden.  Choosing the wrong plants in a small garden will be costly in installation and maintenance dollars and time.  Add to that, the requirements and restrictions of the community, and it isn’t any wonder people are so often at a loss of what to do in their small gardens.


Having a master plan is the answer. After all, that is the big reason the Jess Ranch community looks and works so beautifully. Close proximity to your neighbor requires a diplomatic touch to landscaping as well to preserve everyone’s view and a good neighbor policy.


Whether you are looking to enhance your already nice Jess Ranch landscape, renovate an overgrown property, or make a complete change, we can help.


  • Consulting   We can consult with you to advise you on how to achieve the landscape you desire.
  • Planning  We offer many forms of landscape design, from rough sketches, to virtual pictures of your new landscape to a full-blown landscape design.
  • Landscaping Installation  We will do all the work for you! Installation of your new landscape is a snap with us to do it all. Want to be involved? Not a problem. We will do the things you hate to do.
  • Gardening We can also help you with maintenance of your landscaping. The mow and blow guys have their place and are quite cheap. But if you need someone to actually know the plants and prune and fertilize according to your plant’s needs, give us a call.

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