Some times you  just want to do it yourself…

You may be short on money, or you may want to get creative. Perhaps you just want to make sure you get what you envision for your home. There are many reasons  you might want to tackle a big landscape job for your home.  Here at Perfection Landscape, we want you to succeed. Here  is a story of one of our consultation clients who did a big project pretty much all by himself. Taking a great deal of pride in his home, Mike did NOT want it to look amateur. So he sought out our advice. Below is his story in his own words.
Tomlinson Project Before

 Tomlinson Front Yard Before Landscaping

We are in our early sixties, retired, and content in our Apple Valley home.  I began worrying about the price of water increasing, especially as we get older. We figured our retirement income will lose much of it’s buying power.  We had over 1000 sq. ft. of grass and numerous trees and shrubs in the front yard where we spend little of our time.  We decided to tear out the front yard and replace it with a desert landscape and drought tolerant plants.”

I began researching types of plants, irrigation systems, etc.  I attended a free seminar at Victor Valley College that addressed these issues and one of the speakers was Cindy Poore of Perfection Landscape.  I learned a lot at this event, including the “cash for grass” program being offered around the High Desert.  I made an application for this program which pays fifty cents per square foot of grass removed, then, not wanting to start without a plan, I called Cindy to come over and help me formulate a plan and offer suggestions on rock, plants, irrigation, lighting, etc.” 
“I asked her for an estimate of having them do the whole project and she gave me a ball park figure for planning purposes.  This was our initial consultation and her price was very fair.  But, being thrifty with our limited finances and still in pretty fair physical condition, it was decided that I would tackle the job myself with Cindy as my artistic and technical adviser. 
Perfection Landscape will gladly do all or any part of your project, so this was no problem for them.  My main concern was the many “do it yourself” projects that I had seen around town that just looked “amateurish”.  I wanted a professional looking final product, but I have absolutely no artistic or visionary ability.  Cindy was what I needed.
We started by renting a tractor and a large dumpster and removing the grass, mowing strips and shrubs and doing a rough grading.  Then the shovel work began.  building mounds, digging dry creek beds and generally getting the final grade the way we wanted.  When I thought I had it, I called Cindy and she came over and made some suggestions to enhance and naturalize what I had started.  Then I moved all that dirt AGAIN, but this time, when it was finished it was right. “
Next, Cindy came over to suggest the placement of the plants and boulders.  Then I purchased boulders and Cindy helped me place them in an artful way.  I installed the drip irrigation system, and low-voltage lighting.  Then I went shopping for plants.  When the plants were in the ground and the irrigation system in service we ordered the rock.  Rip-rap for the dry creek bed, one inch colored rock for most of the rest of the yard and gray rock for the area adjacent to the street.  When it was all done; it took me over six months, Cindy came over and treated the whole thing for weeds.    It looked real nice and we were happy.
As for the cost of the project, the removal of the old yard cost us about  $1000, we spent about $900 on plants, about $3400 on rocks and about $500 on miscellaneous items.  As for the artistic and professional outcome, we owe it all to Cindy Poore, and fees for her services were very reasonable.  We highly recommend that you commission Perfection Landscape for your next outdoor project.
Sincerely, Mike and Anne Tomlinson

Amazing Joshua tree

 Here is their amazing Joshua Tree, DG path and bridge Mike built.

dry creek

The Dry Creek and mounds AFTER Professional Advice


flag pole path

His beautiful flag pole path and lighting.