Don’t know where to Start?

Perfection Landscape will help you develop an overall plan for your landscaping so you can build your landscape to suit your budget. You will save money on your yard by not having to re-do things or tear out expensive plants or hardscaping because you did things in the wrong order or installed things too costly to maintain.


We will help you do things right the first time.

Planning is essential! We will help you with thinking things through before you start the project.


Not sure of the right plants to use and where to put them?

Nothing is sillier looking or more frustrating than a plant that is too big for the space that it is planted in. Eventually it will have to come out and usually at great expense. Worse than that, is putting in plant after plant that just struggles and eventually dies because it was the wrong plant in the wrong place.

We know our plants because we have been caring for plants all over Southern California since 1972. As a maintenance contractor we’ve taken care of residences, hospitals, business offices , military and goverment facilities with a wide-ranging plant pallet and climates. We know what works for YOU.


Looking to save water in your landscape?

Water-wise landscaping is as easy as using the right trees and shrubs to begin with! We offer you many ways to water your plants and lawns with Low Water use Spray and Drip Sprinkler Systems custom tailored to your site and plant needs.


Are you looking for specialty landscape work like low voltage lighting, artificial grass, or masonry and concrete?

We offer a wide array of complimentry services to the standard landscaping such as lighting, ponds and waterfalls, artificial turf, block walls and patio pavers and auxillary services such as long-term weed control, maintenance, pruning and more.


Are you concerned about working with someone trustworthy?

Perfection Landscape is a licensed contractor, which gives you the power of the State of California Contractors License board behind you. They set and enforce the rules and regulations that contractors work by to help ensure you get the services you contracted for. Hiring unlicensed contractors, who have no set standards of conduct to do business, carries the risk of having to fend for yourself in the legal system to get results from flaky contractors.

Listed below are just some of the things we can help you with. Call us today!

Landscape Design

Landscape Installation

Landscape Consulting  

 Natural Rock Ponds and Waterfalls

Spray Irrigation Systems

Low Water Use Spray Systems

Drip Sprinkler Systems

Gardening and Maintenance

Fertilization Programs 

Weed Control 

Pest and Gopher Control Programs

Low Voltage Lighting Systems

Boulders and Dry Creeks

Xeriscape and Desert Gardens

Garden Paths

Edible Gardens

Healing Gardens

Specialty Pruning