Rancho Cucamonga, are you worried about wasting your time and money on a landscape that won’t work for you?

We can help. Having a plan of action is what is needed. That’s where we come in. Most landscapers will come out and give you a free estimate. So you call 6 companies, and maybe three show up. They all talk up what they want to give you and offer up a price. You might like one landscaper but hate his ideas. You might hate one landscaper, but think some of his ideas are cool. And the other one just writes X number of plants with a price on the back of a business card. This actually happens! Pretty soon you are so confused, you want to give up altogether.


We offer to the entire Rancho Cucamonga, CA area Landscaping and Consulting Services for your property. Our job is to help you do what is in your best interest, not sell you something that doesn’t serve you now or in the future. The best way to help you is to take the time to know you and your needs and the way you use (or would like to use) your outdoor spaces. Our clients pay us a consulting fee, and work exclusively with us to fashion the best landscape for them. Sometimes all that requires is a few consultation visits at our hourly rates. See our Do-it-yourself page for an example. You can then take those hard thought decisions and use them to install some or all the ideas yourself, have us give you a proposal for some or all of the work or are  free to have others do some or all of the work, because you paid us for our guidance, knowledge and counsel.


A landscape Design can go deeper if needed. If you need more than advice and a rough sketch, for a fixed fee, we can go the whole route of a conceptual landscape design. This option is usually best for those that will be installing their landscapes over time in several phases, or for sites with landscapes that are more complex. Our concept design is drawn to scale on 24 X 36 paper. Designs will specify gravel/lawn/paved areas and plant names and other details.


We offer landscaping services from beginning to end if you want. If you are not able to, or do not want to perform any of the landscaping services yourself, we can make it an all-inclusive package for you. We will take care of hand selecting the plants and boulders, ordering all the materials, arranging for any other services needed and working with your or our subcontractors when needed.


Maintain your landscape in top shape the easy way.  We design with the end in mind. Meaning the ultimate cost in time and money for maintenance is foremost in mind when designing and  installing a landscape. What is your time and dollar budget for maintaining the landscape you desire? Do you have the expertise to do it? If not, we can help you with that too. We have been maintaining both commercial and residential landscaping since 1972 so you might say, we have learned a lot. We can provide you with the skilled services you need to keep your beautiful Rancho Cucamonga property in top shape. We offer pruning services, weed prevention and management, and irrigation maintenance and repair.



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