Is your yard
Exploding with weeds ?


You may think a few weeds here or there aren’t much to worry about, but did you know most weeds are capable of producing over a thousand seeds each?


Rain and the warmer weather that will follow will make conditions just right for hose little land mines lying under the soil waiting for just the right moment to germinate and destroy your weekends.


Are you wondering how you are going to get control of the weeds that just keep coming and coming? Did you know that not only can we kill your existing weeds, we can prevent new ones from popping up for months?!


Imaging not being concerned about  the weeds at all. Wouldn’t it be great to spend your weekends relaxing on your patio and actually enjoying the view?


Let our experts take care of your weed control.
You’ll have more time for fun.
See your chiropractor less.
Your yard will look great all the time.
Your plants will love you and be healthier too!


What we do:  we will price our service right over the phone if you know the square footage of the area you want sprayed. (Length times the width). If not, then we can help you guesstimate the square footage and price that. We’ll schedule an appointment at your place, show up on time, take actual measurements and give you a firm price, make the application and leave you with the instructions on after care.

What you do: Crazy as it sounds, you have to water in the weed preventer, one time equal to ½ inch of rain to activate the pre-emergent preventative action. Don’t worry, you have up to 3 weeks to get this done.

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